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Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit

Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit

The Government of Canada is proposing to introduce a new legislation – Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit, which is aimed at providing income support to employees who are unable to continue with work due to government-imposed local lockdowns — if any in the near future.

Canada is on the verge to recover from economic crises and so is the employment issue is coming back on track. The federal government is pulling the plug on pandemic income support programs to reflect the new phase of recovery. The Government is trying its best to support the employees narrowly. While Canada is still fighting with the fourth wave of the pandemic, there are various other countries where the situation is worse. New measures are being planned to put up in place in support of the Employees of Canada. This new program is called Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit. The details of this new benefit are as follows:
  1. The workers will get $300 per week.
  2. It will strictly be available to workers whose work disruption has been directly caused by a government-initiated public health lockdown.
  3. Starting Oct. 24, the program will run until May 7, 2022, and would be available during the entire period of lockdown called on by the government.
  4. The benefit will be accessible to those ineligible for Employment Insurance (EI) as well as those eligible, provided the latter is not receiving payment through EI for the same period.
However, workers who have had a loss of income or employment due to their refusal to comply with a vaccine mandate would not be able to avail of the benefit. Stayed tuned for more information with NCS. Refer to more such helpful blogs here.

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